Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does the low pressure clean the building?Low pressure washing is known as “soft washing” It relies on using detergents to do the cleaning. It is much more effective than high pressure washing on most things such as vinyl siding and painted surfaces. If high pressure is used on vinyl siding it can force water behind the siding causing water damage.
  • Do I need to be home?You do not need to be home during the cleaning but we do ask someone to meet with us when we first get there to ensure all windows are closed and the outside water supply is turned on.
  • What if I have outside animals?We often clean homes where dogs are present. We ask that you temporarily move the dog away from the cleaning area while we are there. We wash down the area with fresh water when we are done.
  • Will power washing clean my windows?Yes! If the window has mold or algae around it, it will be cleaned. We use the soft wash technique to wash your windows too. The soft wash is equivalent to the force of a garden hose while spraying your house. We will gladly put our hand in front of the nozzle at anytime to demonstrate how low the pressure is, just ask.
  • What are the black lines and discoloration I see on my gutters and downspouts?It’s acid rain deposits bonded to the metal by an electrostatic charge. We are able to clean this as an extra service and most of our clients were impressed that the surfaces were cleaned to look like new.
  • How do I get an estimate?Our experienced technician will visit your site before drawing up a written contract. There is no charge for this visit. He will be able to recommend cleaning methods at that time and will estimate the costs to your satisfaction before any work is done.
  • Can you bring water to my home or business?Yes we are able to bring up to 425 gallons of filtered water for a small fee. In some cases, iron deposits and contaminates in your water may interfere with proper cleaning.
  • Are your cleaning products safe?The products that we use are safe. Our experienced application technician is well versed in selection of the proper detergent for the task at hand.
  • Will the plants and landscaping around my home or business be harmed?No! Hoses are carefully placed to avoid damage to shrubbery. Protection of plants is provided by pre-wetting and post-rinsing. No damage will be experienced.
  • Do you have insurance?Yes, Shilling Power Washing is fully insured to $500,000.
  • Are you a registered contractor?Our State of Rhode Island contractor no. is 31779. Cleaning contractors in the State Of Connecticut are not required to be registered (While cleaning, no permanent changes to the structure are made. Connecticut only requires registration for contractors that make permanent changes, i.e. carpenters, masons, electricians).
  • Do you paint or stain?No, however, we will gladly recommend qualified painters that have worked with us in the past, depending on your location.

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