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Locally owned and operated, based out of Hopkinton, RI., Shilling Power Washing uses state of the art equipment, techniques and detergents to give you the best results possible!

How It All Started

In May of 2000, while attending college, Joe Shilling created Joe Shilling Lawn Maintenance. The business quickly grew to over 70 accounts for residential and commercial properties. Many clients requested power-washing services in addition to mowing and lawn care.

Shilling Power Washing was created in May 2006 as a division of Joe Shilling Lawn Maintenance.

The power washing service took off and the company is now a full service mobile power washing business capable of bringing up to 425 gallons of water to any site or of using an onsite water supply. There is a focus on both residential houses and commercial buildings.

Most cleaning is done by using low pressure, know as soft washing. The machines are specially modified to spray many types of cleaning detergents to remove mold, algae, dirt, grime and other environmental contaminants. Special nozzles are used to apply these cleaners to heights over 60 feet while personnel stand safely on the ground. The power washing machines provide adjustable water pressure, allowing for cleaning a wide variety of materials. Vinyl siding, wood, painted surfaces, shingled roofs, brick, concrete, aluminum, and so on are cleaned, with special techniques and detergents for each surface. Low pressure is used for cleaning residential siding and high pressure for cleaning tough surfaces such as concrete.

The photo gallery is a good testimonial of our work and we pride ourselves on doing an excellent job.

To date, Joe Shilling is a 2010 civil engineering graduate from the University of Rhode Island. He also has an Associate’s Degree in business administration.

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